Predicting the Next 180 days:The LEARNFACTORY Nigeria Experience.


………William Gibbson……..

In 1865, like Leonardo da Vinci, the great novelist ,Jules Verne wrote the book “From the Earth to the Moon”. As at the time he was writing that book, mankind was exactly 104 years behind 1969 which was the year our astronaut mission to the moon saw the beaming lights of reality. As my father always said, the whole world glued to their communication medium as we heard and watched Armstrong touch down on the lunar surface for the first time in our history as living beings.

In that book, Jules Verne, did not just predict that mankind would someday land on the moon, he predicted the very details of that mission including the size of the space capsule, number of astronauts and the location of the launch. Looking back today, i can only imagine that, more than others of his times, Verne realized that science was the engine shaking the foundations of civilization and that it was that engine that was propelling humanity into a new century with unexpected marvels and miracles. Today,that disposition is even more valid.

I still remember reading a piece of article where the IBM chairman; Thomas Watson was once quoted as having said the following words back in 1943;

“I think there is a world market for maybe 5 computers”. Today, i look back into reality and wonder in amazement how he missed the vision of the revolution that was beginning to spiral off under his nose. As Professor Michio Kaku wrote in his book “The Physics of the Future”;

By the year 2100, our destiny is to become like the gods we once worshipped and feared. Like the god’s of mythology, we will be able to manipulate objects with the power of our minds. Computers,silently reading our thoughts, will be able to move objects by thoughts alone. A telekinetic power usually reserved only for the gods. With the power of biotechnology, we will create perfect bodies and expand our life spans. With the power of nanotechnology, we will be able to take up one object and turn it into something else. We will ride not in fiery chariots but in sleek vehicles that will be able to harness the limitless energy of the stars. We will also be on the threshold of sending starships to explore those nearby”.

There is no doubt, from where we stand at present, that the future holds the possibilities of such thrilling reality.


AS a physicist, two passions have intrigued me my entire life: the desire to see the future happen and the desire to perfectly understand how man’s almost perfect understanding of the physical laws of the universe through science and technology were now leading us to invent the future using mostly the computer as a major tool. i ventured into the study of physics in a bid to find these answers and i did, only that it drove me further down the path of discoveries with more questions seeking more practical answers.

In my final year in the University, i was introduced to one of the very most important courses in physics by Professor Mejiah of the Department of Physics, FUTO. Although i eventually made a “D” in QUANTUM MECHANICS, the exposure launched me further down the path of self discovery. Sometime in 2017, like a mussing from a distance, i had first heard about the phrase ;Quantum Computing during one of my personal research into trending technologies and because i had mastered the art of research while serving as the director of Research for the Association of Physics Students,it was easy to pursue further search along this new field of emerging technology. My findings drove me wild. i couldn’t imagine that the “qubit” concept could miraculously transform the field of Artificial Intelligence into common place reality with the aid of emerging concepts in fields like Deep Learning and Machine learning.

At this point, how was i going to pursue a line of study that could put me at the heart and center of all these very complex fields?, at one point, i was so distraught with the whole affair. The field of tech became like an entire ocean that had expanding boarders, and to survive,i needed a life jacket and an oxygen tube to keep sail. i had the jacket( head knowledge) but greatly was deficient in the most vital requirement- An oxygen tank(hands-on skills).

I decided to become a DATA SCIENTIST!

I just heard you ask me why?. Well, because in the future, data would be key!. not just to the field of tech,but to national governance. i think data has always been key, it is just that more nations have had a mastery of its usage than others. Today, the influence of data has become even more vital and useful for nations with its increasing Importance in predictive reasoning, language translations, security, education,health and even sports and commerce and this is why both China, the European union and the united states are investing heavily in big data related fields. For these nations, it’s all a race to who gets it first.


For me, while the golden hill may be to eventually become a renowned Data Scientist, its even more clearer that the area of Software development could prove to be the shortest path that leads to that golden hill.

For me, anyone can easily become a software developer but not everyone can as easily use software for solving problems.

LEARNFACTORY NIGERIA hasn’t just been into software development, they have had a long standing tradition of always looking at problems through technology and they have solved more than just many. They are not just a software development company, they are an emerging digital coporation that are passionate about creating technology while also providing tech demanding services . More importantly, i have come to notice that there is a conscious effort to help others get the skill that empowers them to power the future with digital solutions and this passion, over the years ,has grown from being a passion into a mission.

This year, alongside 11 other interns, we have all come from far and near in search of the knowledge that this great organisation offers and this is the first piece of a 180 days long experience at LEARNFACTORY NIGERIA.

This is the story of 12 young fingers tapping away time on some keyboard in a lovely location in Nigeria and hoping to master the digital skill that empowers them to invent and launch the digital solution that solves a major need for their communities. its my story, and this is “how it all begins”(NEXT).

Once i studied Physics and enjoyed being an on air personality, now i’m a software engineer who enjoys writing about codes and great digital products.

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