Is the End Near? Here are Four reasons to believe it is.

More than 2000 years ago, before his death and eventual ascension, the Lord Jesus Christ in an attempt to give answers to the question by his disciples on what the signs of His return shall be, gave a somewhat detailed and elaborate explanation of what the signs of those days shall be as recorded in Mathew 24.

Depending on when you are reading this, the world is currently going through a ‘global pandemic' or more still, a birth pang. In His illustrations,Jesus referred to those signs as “birth pangs".

Medically speaking, birth pangs are often more severe and frequent as the time of birth approaches. This is key, and I’d like you to keep it in mind as we proceed.

So, is the Covid-19 pandemic a birth pang in the sense that Jesus spoke of? Yes!

Does this mean His return is near? Yes!. Here are four reasons to believe that this is so.

A few submissions upfront;

There is no doubt that we are all now living in very unique and dangerous times. A lot of people have predicted Jesus soon return for centuries and I believe that a lot more will before His eventual return. To this end, the contents of this write up has been based on my personal convictions and should not be taken as an absolute ‘right opinion' with respect to the subject matter. More importantly, my opinions have been based on personal study and believes and have not been born out of some Episcopal or estalogical nuances. This means that I am in no way a better believer than anyone else and as such do not wish to be accorded any form of special acceptance by reason of this article.

Finally, subject matters of this weight often degenerates,if unchecked, into very frenzy discussions about the Anti-Christ and the mark of the beast, the nature and time of rapture as being a post tribulation event, mid or post tribulation event. Surprisingly,in the middle of such frenzy discussions and arguments,I have witnessed individuals ask questions like “can I get the mark of the beast accidentally without even knowing it?”.

Well, while there may be no easy answers to even the most obviously simple questions,I sincerely think that, in trying to argue our points around these concepts,we tend to focus too long on the trees that we miss the forest!

The important thing is that Christ will eventually return. Whether it’s in a post or pre tribulation era or in the midst of the mark of the beast is no question of great importance.

That said, is the End Near?

Again, I shall answer in the affirmative for the following four reasons.

1) The One World Order Is Almost Here(The road to 2030).

Based on scriptural inclinations,there would be the existence of a world wide system of government, economy and religion when Jesus Christ returns.

Such a system was impossible up until a few centuries ago, but today,in the world of 2020, it’s not only just possible,but it’s even more certain as the whole world is increasingly gliding towards that reality. Based on a United nations framework, this could become a global reality in less than 12years!!!

2) The nation of Israel would be in existence when Christ returns.

Forget the incessant threats about and around that little Jewish nation, Israel is far off from being wiped off the map and it doesn’t matter how loud the threats of decimation by the Iranian Ayatollah may sound.

In 70AD, Rome decimated Israel beyond recognition and kept it in desolation for over 2000years until 1948 when she returned as a nation. Today, Israel stands shoulder high in the league of nations as a queen peck on the global chess board. Her alliances and international relevance has made her a unicorn nation in both technology,governance,and economics and these primal traits is a sure fact that her status as an independent nation is unchallenged and sure.

3) The Birth Pangs are Here.

Jesus was very unambiguous with His words in giving signs that he called birth pangs. The present pandemic and the resulting chaos is a birth pang and this is why.

While chaos and unfortunate events have been inextricably bound to our world since the great falling away, in the past,such chaos and pandemics, wars and famine were limited by how much and how fast humans could actually travel. In those days, a famine, war or pestilence could be present in Europe while Asia lives absolutely in peace, plenty and health. However, with advancements in technology starting out at the 20th century, it was possible for diseases to actually take a trip around the world in less than 24hours!. Following World war 1,the Spanish flu of 1918 killed over 21million people because technology enabled troops to be moved around the world in lesser time than it took to move across countries within same continent 40years prior, and as the troops moved,they moved the disease.

Today, it’s even faster!

Covid-19 broke out in Asia and in less than 12 hours,it registered its presence in more than 52 countries across 4 continents. 48 hours afterwards, it had a free ticket to over a 100 nations and today, it has become a citizen of every single nation on earth with over 3million cases worldwide and over 50,000 deaths all in less than 2months!!!

As earlier pointed, Birth pangs become more frequent and lethal as the birth time approaches, as such, while the world has been with pandemics,recent realities show that they would become more frequent and lethal.

4) The Promise of the Scriptures

Prior to the first coming of Jesus, there were prophets and prophecies that went before hand and fortold his coming. History shows that those prophecies were accurate and true.

In the bible,there are twice as many prophecies about the second coming of Jesus Christ than there ever was about His first coming. Hence, if the prophecies of His first coming did not fail,there is no reason to expect those of His second coming to fail.

You may not know this,but of all the 27 books of the new testament, only 4 do not mention the return of Jesus Christ to this world- Philemon,Galatians,2nd and 3rd John respectively.

Finally, in all of the bible accounts, only the doctrine of salvation of the soul is mentioned more times than the second coming of Jesus and I believe that this is because the whole essence of it all is to save the soul. There is a divine plan and I am very convinced more than ever before that we are at the concluding phase of that plan.

The End is nearer than ever before.

Are you ready for the masters return?

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