My very first log-in interface using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

It’s only now been 20 days and already the keyboards are being lighted up here @LearnFactoryNigeria by fingers that have been set-up in code flames by Rabbi’s who have got the coding tongues of fire falling upon their shoulders.

Up there is my first major project; A log-in interface that prompts a user to input a ‘username=’admin’, and a ‘password = ‘admin’ and upon clicking the ‘log-in’ button, should send the user to a landing page. A wrong input in password or username simply displays a “wrong password or username “ prompt and it worked!.

The landing page

Prior to my arrival here, computers and computer effects like this have only been mere friends of my imagination. i have always wondered how it all worked. Sometimes, i get folks who try so hard at offering textbook given definitions on what the computer was and what the world wide web was and each time they tried, it simply all got even more intriguing.

20 days ago, i had arrived LearnFactory Nigeria without a single experience on how i could possibly ‘make computers talk’. i had arrived a novice and already, the experience so far gives me the feeling of a prodigy and i hear the plan is to make a software rock-star out of me in 180 days! — sounds like i’m on to becoming the jackson of the code stage and i must confess, i kinda like the mussing sound of that in my head.

As impossible as it may sound, 20 days at LearnFactory Nigeria has simply seen me grow from being a digital development novice into some geek nerd with an applaudable mastery of HTML and CSS shooting out from all my finger digits, all thanks to tutors like; Master Lawrence, Master Chidera and Master Chibuike. The tutors at LearnFactory are simply amazing at what they do. Sometimes, the intrigue is often not in what they do but in how they do it.

From master Lawrence who for some reasons best known to full-stack computing always greets or responds to greetings with a ‘happy new year’ viola even when you both must have seen more than once in one day and spent 20 days together in a year that is almost already half spent to master Chidera who is always eager to push into our heads new coding concepts and ideas in the most simplistic pedagogical manner not minding how difficult it may seem at first. i look at him most times and simply remind myself to look at the white screen on my computer and laugh out loud whenever a particular code line consoles the error note. For this brilliant tutor, lines of codes should always have points that are punctuated by laughter.

master Chibueze is another tutor that has an uncanny way of reminding me that the word “rockstar” means more at LearnFactory. At times when he takes a seat behind a computer desk i feel that the digital apocalypse very much feared by Musk was about to be programmed into reality. His developers commitment inspires me to simply be more.

Together, these young men are brewing me into a digital champion for the future. With master Lawrence’s doomsday project for the week, only heavens know what the next 160 days with these Rabbai’s has in stall for me.

me(codecryer) and the codecryers “demon-device”

The past week began with an introduction to basic JavaScript, concepts, objects and functions. Their application and syntax were also critically looked into with practical demonstrations while also considering different conditional statements like “for”,”if”, and “for-each” which became very significant when we considered “array’s”.

The week came to a close with concentration of many other operations on Arrays such as pop,push,shift,unshift, splice and slice…etc. we also looked at maps which was where the dooms day project assignment fell upon us like rain from Master Lawrence. I hope we are able to turn in that project assignment on the due date. we will!

As i look back in retrospect on the weeks gone by,i can only look forward without regrets at what the future holds in stock for me and other interns.

our smiling faces: i and fellow interns as we wrap up the week in cheers.

The smiles on those beautiful faces are credited to all the very amazing people at LearnFactory Nigeria who are adding colors to our stay and making our learning experience truly worth cherishing. They show up at their tasks everyday to make our stay worth the stakes!

From the very devoted mother who shows up early everyday at 7am with brooms and mops in hand to ensure we learn in a clean and conducive environment (i promise to find out her name this week) to the CEO, Mr Chibueze Ukaegbu, the Manager, Mr Ossas and the ever cute and amiable lady who seats behind the secretary’s desk with an ever ready to help disposition and the gentle will to always remind us to keep the noise down whenever we start coding less and talking more. I hope you wouldn’t also have to beg us at the end of 180 days to talk more and code less…

To you all, i say thank you for letting the LearnFactory Experience happen to us. (Moving Forward…NeXt)

Once i studied Physics and enjoyed being an on air personality, now i’m a software engineer who enjoys writing about codes and great digital products.

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