Day 3 of 66: An attempt at living out the lessons of the book; “The 5AM Club".

" You only have one "WHY?" In your life. Each of us does. Your obligation is to live in or out of balance with it "

That picture was taken from my balcony. Its 4AM, May 26th, 2020.

This morning, as in the morning before, I woke up with a slight thing in my head and a stiffness in my muscles. It's only been 2 days and my body members were already protesting against the new adjustments which I had decided to adopt in an attempt to prove the claims in Mr Shiram's book, the 5 AM Club.

Regardless, I leaped off my bed like an alligator without giving my brain the time span to begin analysing the entire scenerio( The 5AM club says this attribute is key to sustaining the entire model installation. By the book, your analytic brain is naturally wired for your comfort, the instant you let it take the control wheels the minute you let open your eyes at 4AM, the only suggestion it spills out is this..." sleep small never break!!"...just small).

We all know how that story ends.

So, I began the day as always with a 30count press up the instant I pull out from bed. The purpose of this is to wake me up fully: take away the fuzzy eyes, drown the early rise tiredness, and more importantly....shut up the analytical brain system.
Following that, I simply walked into the first 20minutes ritual for the day comprising of several physical exercises and gym sessions( nothing too severe, i wasnt practicing for the Olympics )
The Next 20 minutes saw me doing something that was semblance to the YOGA practice. To be honest, I've heard of monks rising off the ground by the mere application of focus and meditation...well, I dont know, but what I can certainly verify is that solemn meditation sort of galvanizes your internal energy in a way that seems to call out your dreams from the realm of the spirits. I guess this was the whole essence of Napoleons message in the book "Think and grow Rich".

It works magic.

The time was now 4:40am...
For the next 20minutes, the focus was on my Spirit-setup for the day. It was time to look up to the heavens for the days guidance and wisdom.
Trust me, this confers a measure of confidence that let's you know that you have every permission to live this day as a gift and blessing to humanity. I was going to live today like my very last I resolved.

At this point, the goals for the day was penned down with every sense of consciousness and elegance. Here is a thing you should know about penning down your days goals...

Every small business owner knows that scheduling is essential. Upon waking up, I write a list of what needs to get done for the day and
I base the days list on that weeks list, which often focuses on what needs to get done for the week. I then base the weeks list on my ideal life over the next 3–5 years.

Here is one way I was able to do that; I simply tried to answer this one question;

“If I woke up today in 3-years time, how would I like to spend my time?”.

Of course, its impossible to predict, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun (and important) to answer.

Once done, I got into self development with focus on my "why?" and simply got into reading carefully selected books that brought me up to speed with emerging realities in my professional space as an emerging Software developer/Engineer.

This took me to 5:50AM. The next 10minutes saw me playing with cold water in the bathroom...Trust me, you cant beat the energetic feeling of an early morning cold bath!

At 6AM, I was ready to take on the day.
It's currently 9:52AM and I am so happy to announce that I have kept to my days goals thus far....this article is for 10AM and BOOM!!!

Here it is.
Did you enjoy it?
Did you learn a thing or two?
Feel free to share your morning routines with me too...this could be fun.

Remember...You only have one "WHY?"...Have you found it?

Once i studied Physics and enjoyed being an on air personality, now i’m a software engineer who enjoys writing about codes and great digital products.

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