“Bug-free software is a myth”!

I agree, and like me, i’m sure you would agree if you’ve spent several hours on a code base only to run it and get a syntax error as a greeting message or maybe get False as the print output for the following computation in Python:

import Math
a = Math.sqrt(2)
a = 1.4142… //17 digits in all
a * a == 2

We are not alone fellas. For more than three decades, people and organisations have devoted resources and time towards building great debugging tools and this is because a bug infested code…

Day 3 of 66: An attempt at living out the lessons of the book; “The 5AM Club".

" You only have one "WHY?" In your life. Each of us does. Your obligation is to live in or out of balance with it "

That picture was taken from my balcony. Its 4AM, May 26th, 2020.

This morning, as in the morning before, I woke up with a slight thing in my head and a stiffness in my muscles. …

More than 2000 years ago, before his death and eventual ascension, the Lord Jesus Christ in an attempt to give answers to the question by his disciples on what the signs of His return shall be, gave a somewhat detailed and elaborate explanation of what the signs of those days shall be as recorded in Mathew 24.

Depending on when you are reading this, the world is currently going through a ‘global pandemic' or more still, a birth pang. In His illustrations,Jesus referred to those signs as “birth pangs".

Medically speaking, birth pangs are often more severe and frequent as…


Never, within the last two decades has our social strata seen a disruption on such a scale as it’s now grappling with in recent times. The rise of the Covid-19 pandemic has broken every healthcare system around the world and chased us away from all of our public places, it has forced us to stay at home, and in very extreme cases, to even stay at a distance from one another even while at home. All around the world,governments are battling to not just lead,but to keep their people alive for…

Ever since i completed my classes in React, a part of me still thinks that vanilla javascript is simply the programming world’s unique way of clothing the simple world of programming with an apparel that surreptitiously suggests to an outsider that programming is difficult, and as such, a professional field meant for only individuals who must have aced Algebra and derived all of Einsteins laws of blackhole physics…….using imperative equations alone!

That sounds more like a world were 99% of the worlds population would rather leave to Einstein alone.

React logo

For all that it is worth, I have only spent less than two hours taking my first introductory lessons in React Js and all I can think of is how awesome and easy it has made programming seem. If vanilla Java script was hell, React Js is like coming to hell without the demons and the devil dwelling there and for me, that was a great relief from what my mental conceptions and predispositions were prior to actually experiencing the class.

In less than two hours, all of my mental conceptions and cobwebs which I had weaved complexly around the…

A command line session showing repository creation and the addition of a file.

Few weeks ago when i arrived at LearnFactory Nigeria, one thing was on my mind; to learn all that i can to the very best of my abilities. its been over five weeks now since i arrived here and i look backwards without regrets.

This week presented us another wonderful opportunity to learn and practice codes but more importantly, we soon began to realize that more than just the ability to code, we required the ability or aid to in some way preserve our creations.

For me this class on introduction to git and its usage seemed to be all…

Google i/O 2019

For a dream that was born on the eve of the 4th of September 1994,its amazing to see how Google has continuously stayed true to the vision upon which her first walls were raised. The Vision to capture,store,analyse and organize the world’s information and make it accessible in a way that increases knowledge and helps humans in the pursuit of success,happiness and good health.

The Google i/o event is an annual developers conference where Google announces new software, hardware and a number of updates for their existing applications and services. Since 2008, they have consistently kept tech enthusiast around the…

My very first log-in interface using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

It’s only now been 20 days and already the keyboards are being lighted up here @LearnFactoryNigeria by fingers that have been set-up in code flames by Rabbi’s who have got the coding tongues of fire falling upon their shoulders.

Up there is my first major project; A log-in interface that prompts a user to input a ‘username=’admin’, and a ‘password = ‘admin’ and upon clicking the ‘log-in’ button, should send the user to a landing page. A wrong input in password or username simply displays a “wrong password or username “ prompt and it worked!.


………William Gibbson……..

In 1865, like Leonardo da Vinci, the great novelist ,Jules Verne wrote the book “From the Earth to the Moon”. As at the time he was writing that book, mankind was exactly 104 years behind 1969 which was the year our astronaut mission to the moon saw the beaming lights of reality. As my father always said, the whole world glued to their communication medium as we heard and watched Armstrong touch down on the lunar surface for the first time in our history as living beings.

In that…

Samuel Nzekwe

Once i studied Physics and enjoyed being an on air personality, now i’m a software engineer who enjoys writing about codes and great digital products.

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